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Spelldown – 2014

Art, Design and Development – Spelldown is a minimal word building game

Untitled 0

Art, Design and Development – Mockups for an puzzle game

Angreji – The pursuit of freedom

  Art & UI – Angreji – The pursuit of Freedom is a word game for the PC. I’ve had the chance to do

Turned to a Totem

Art, Design and Development – Turned to Totem is an experimental 2D side scrolling platformer for mobile platforms that


Art, Design, Development and Porting – Circulets is a two+ player game about people and the interactions between them. C


Hoot is a digital toy that helps the user in learning spelling, vocabulary and possibly languages. The device would store set

Making Games with Flixel – Revenge

Art, Design and Development – Revenge of the eye from outer space is a small demo game which explains how to make platfo

less than three – <3

  Art, Design, Development and Audio – less than 3 is a single screen local multiplayer game where the players comp

Ray Casting and Soft Shadows

This is a ray casting and soft shadow example written in ActionScript. Demo –


  Art, Design and Development – badass is a side scrolling action puzzle game where you are an agent and student of

Tiny Shinobi

Art, Design and Development – TinyShinobi is simple platformer made in Flash for the web. It tells the tale of a ninja w

Trivial Engine

Trivial Engine is a game framework inspired by game frameworks like Flixel and FlashPunk. The goal for Trivial is to make writ

Zap The Knight

Art, Design and Development – Zap the Knight is a free casual game for the mobile platform that takes the players on a z


Art, Design and Development – Fly is an experimental 2D top down flying game with procedurally generated content. Play i

Defense Ink

Art, Design and Development – Design Ink is a physics based tower defense game where you draw and drop solid masses on y

Experimental Gameplay Project – Nov 2010

Art, Design and Development – This was an experimental game with Krishna Israney during the EGP in Nov 2010. The protago


Art, Design and Development – Chance is an experimental game about chances, about winning and losing and maybe a bit mor