A small list of resources related to games in education

This list was a Google doc that I started as a resource for a 6 month long project/class, which revolved around solving the numeracy and literacy issue for a specific demographic. The list is a collection of websties, games and more which recently came back to life with a discussion on chat.gamedev.in. I thought I’d collate all those links and put it up as a blog post so that it can help me and others who are interested in games and/in education.

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Some YouTube channels to watch out for if you are getting into gamedev

If are getting into gamedev or want to learn about games, gamedev or game design, here are some interesting channels and videos you wanna watch and follow 🙂

Last updated June 21, 2017

Extra credits did a whole series of videos on careers in the games industry. You can find a whole playlist full of awesome there.

Also, here (in alphabetical order) are some channels you might want to look at.

July 21, 2017 – Update

Initial list

I find most of these channels and the content that they produce extremely useful. They are in no way exhaustive and I hope to expand on it as I find more awesome people making awesome content!