Senior User Experience Designer – Redbus (2014-15)

During my time at redBus, I worked as a Senior UX Designer there working with a small team under a design head. My work primarily focused on the website. I worked closely with product and marketing to work on improving existing features and adding new features as well as the day to day upkeep of the website; also collaborating with the marketing team to push create collaterals for the website as well as mailers and other promotions.

I also worked with the product team on a B2B solution focusing on analytics for Travel/Bus operators. I worked with the product team to design new features, flows and led a team of two designers to implement these features.

  • Designing the UX for web experience 
    • Ticketing flows
    • Search results flows
    • Wallet flows
    • Transaction flows
    • Review flows
    • Mobile landing page
  • Designing the UX and developing the frontend for B-2-B analytics platform – redBus Plus
    • Visual design and branding
    • Work with product to design and implement features
    • Designed a visual language and a component system for developers
    • Data flows
    • Communication and Messaging flows
  • Working closely with the marketing team to create and deploy a seamless experience through all marketing campaigns. 
    • Designed over 100 marketing collaterals for the marketing team
    • Designed many marketing mailers and collaterals