WTF Community Masterclasses – On Game Jams

I had a chance to share some of my experiences with hosting and participating in game jams as the host of the WTF Community x

The Garden of Forking Paths – Tales from alternate realities

I had a chance to speak at the IGDC Dev Days in Kochi on the 30th of May, 2024.


Jigsaw is the digital version of the traditional jigsaw puzzle game, where player’s piece together an image puzzle. The

Tile Match

Zen Connect is a mix of match 3 and Mahjong. The objective for the player is to clear the board by matching 3 tiles with match

Learn by Doing – Empowering yourself to be Independent at IGDC 2022

I had a chance to speak at the IGDC in Hyderabad in November this year (2022). The short talk was based around the idea of lea

Destination Solitaire TriPeaks

Destination Solitaire is a tripeaks game where player’s need to match cards one higher or lower in value with a house ca

Lost & Found at the Mall

A game about working at the Lost & Found at the Mall. Your duty is to question the very fabric of existence and return the

Do Writing

DoWrite gives you a browser based distraction free writing experience. Write multiple documents, simple and easy to use rich t

Wyverndel Express

Wyverndell Express (Digital game) – Operate your very own dragon courier business! Solve word problems at every station to u

Social Media Massacre

An interactive fiction made on twine. This game takes the player through anonymized political tweets and social media junk mes

Mini Loops – 1

Mini Loops is a small pack of 5 seconds long music loops ready to be used anywhere, mostly though in games. It is under devel

Developing Turn-Based Multiplayer Games with GameMaker Studio 2 and NodeJS

Create your first turn-based multiplayer game using GameMaker Studio 2’s built-in networking functions as well as using a si


A short test of your FPS skills in a procedurally generated test course. This game was made in 4 days for the 7dfps 2018 and p


Lit is a tiny puzzle game about light, mirrors and hidden treasure. Click the link below to play the prototype.  


Bomb defusal drone robot action! Made for ldjam – ld39.

Gone to Pieces

  A 1-versus-1 dogfighting game about love, loss and conflict made for the GMTK jam by Yadu Rajiv, Mithun and RahulParih

The Rhizome

Yes, at some point in time one has to admit that they have a thing for something when they keep doing said thing over and over


  Peasy or PCSE is a simple and free tool that generates polygonal hulls from transparent png images.


A journey about cooperation, trust and enlightenment or a good ol’ PVP you decide! Guide your player through procedurall

Senior User Experience Designer – Redbus (2014-15)

During my time at redBus, I worked as a Senior UX Designer there working with a small team under a design head. My work primar