Game UX – An Introduction

This being the first post of its kind, let me start with a small intro 🙂 Apart from teaching and making games I also end up playing a lot of games, let’s just call it an occupational hazard 🙂

Being a designer, most of the time when I play a game I keep noticing the small bits that make these games pleasurable and really stand out. Some people call it polish other call it juice, whatever it is, it makes the experience a whole lot better! Ask any developer on how costly in terms of time and effort it is to implement such things and chances are that most the time, it is super simple and cheap!

For most game and UX designers, their internal vocabulary consists of thousands of such examples; but that vocabulary is built over a lot of time, crafting and playing with such experiences. When it comes to teaching game design, I’ve always wanted some sort of a glossary that could give a glimpse of that experience without actually having the need to play the game – of course, this is not a substitute for actually playing the game and experiencing it first hand, but rather act as a quick reference or an easy way to convey an idea.

Game-UX is a series of articles and videos that tries to give a running commentary on good and bad user experience design in games. The large chunk of the content will be on this blog and the videos up on the game-ux youtube channel (please do subscribe!).