Wyverndel Express

Wyverndell Express (Digital game) โ€“ Operate your very own dragon courier business! Solve word problems at every station to u

My local multiplayer bug – The Rhizome

Yes, at some point in time one has to admit that they have a thing for something when they keep doing said thing over and over

SpellDown! DevLog โ€“ #3 – weekly roundup

This week wasn’t as eventful as the last. If you are following my daily (well almost daily) updates on TIGSource Forums

SpellDown! DevLog – #2

What is SpellDown!? If you are following my blog posts, you would know how we got here to this point ๐Ÿ™‚ the question then be

Quick and dirty internationalization and localization support in Cocos2d-x

The idea here was to use rapidjson which is part of the cocos2d-x distribution to easily load a set of strings and store refer

An ode to word games

As some of my friends already know (and against most of their wishes), I’m trying to finish off a lot (this clearly is a

GameUX – SteamWorld Heist – The Little Joy In Opening Your Loot

We see and do this almost every day in all the free to play(and other) games we play, but still, as obvious as it might be, th

GameUX – SteamWorld Heist – Scene Transition and Snappy UI

  The first thing that you will do in SteamWorld Heist after the intro cinematic is to create a new profile. As soon as y

Game UX – An Introduction

This being the first post of its kind,ย let me start with a small intro ๐Ÿ™‚ย Apart from teaching and making games I also end

An experiment

There are a lot of people out there who want to learn how to code or make games, some of them are interested in making robots