SpellDown! DevLog – #3 – weekly roundup

This week wasn’t as eventful as the last. If you are following my daily (well almost daily) updates on TIGSource Forums then you might already have a good idea of what this post is about 🙂

A good chunk of time was spent in creating some art assets (which are more like placeholders) – the assets will give the artist a better idea of what fits in where and also act as a sample spec. I always think that small things do pay off, each room has a surprise in store for the player and i wanted it to be presented in some grand-yet-not-too-grand-that-it-gets-tiring-after-seeing-it-the-100th-time kinda way. The door opens to reveal the stage and the panels ease in from both sides, and then the letters fly out and with a poof, the enemy is revealed. You exit the room in a similar fashion and the door closes on you. Also, that effect can also be applied to any scene, without any fuss.

SpellDown! – Dramatic Door – May 23, 2017

The second major task I took on last week was to get the dungeon generation working. The idea was to procedural create a navigable dungeon with multiple points of interest. Shown below is the earliest test.

SpellDown! – Dungeon Generation – May 25, 2017

The next two days went into tweaking and changing things and moving on to actually taking this data and making it into a usable navigable map as part of the game. The idea here is that from the town, the player takes on each quest and each quest is a set of rooms in a large dungeon. After each room, the player can navigate to the next room, if there are multiple rooms connected to the current one, the player can choose to go to any room. Different rooms offer different challenges, treasures and more. The player must find the exit to leave the dungeon.

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Apart from these two major things, the rest of the time went in minor bug fixes and housekeeping. My work has taken a detour since it was the weekend and because I was working on an entry for the Shenanijam 🙂 I’m hoping that this tiny distraction will help me come back to SpellDown! with more energy and focus. That’s about it for now, more updates next week 🙂