Tile Match

Zen Connect is a mix of match 3 and Mahjong. The objective for the player is to clear the board by matching 3 tiles with matching symbols to clear the board without filling up your rack which can only hold 7 tiles at a time. My initial duties were to write the MVP specs, mechanics and flows. Prototype core and possible future mechanics. Level generation, tuning and balancing. Coming up with new and interesting features that fit the light meta as well as constantly figuring out the content pipeline and level editor functionality.

  • MVP
  • 0 to 1
  • Comp Deconstructs
  • Flows, UI/UX
  • Level Creation/Edits/Tuning
  • Boosters and Powerups – design and prototyping
  • Obstacle/Hazard – design and prototpying
  • Seed based Level generation and prototyping
  • Daily Challenge
  • New Features